8keta.net: Blog 8keta.net: Blog https://www.8keta.net/blog/ Copyright by 8keta.net en 8keta.net Wed, 25 Apr 2018 04:35:33 -0400 Looking for an Umbrella That Would Stick Even in the Harshest Weather Conditions?

Hate it when your umbrella breaks off in the middle of a storm? Then you are at the right place! Windproof umbrellas are in huge demand today; provided, they do not betray you during a severe thunderstorm and keep intact unlike others which break off quickly. The necessity of a true wind resisting umbrella has been acknowledged today; therefore, several companies have been manufacturing windproof umbrellas for quite some time now and have made a name for them.

You can buy windproof umbrellas of the best quality and made with the material that will make them last long. Well trained skilled men who know their job and are true to their work, are hired for the production of these storm protectors, which is why they produce good quality windproof umbrellas that surely impress you and others around you.

Buy windproof umbrellas and you will not be disappointed, irrespective of wind storm of any category! These umbrellas are made of highly sustainable material that is thoroughly checked before going into manufacturing. Also the great quality steel frame makes these umbrellas stand through winds of even up to 50mph or more than that!

Wind proof umbrellas are manufactured to stand through high gusty winds that will help you stand firm and care free while saving you from any problem whatsoever. Also, wind resistant umbrellas should survive through any storm and keep you safe from drenching in extremely cold water that may take life out of you!

Strong gusty winds highly tend to create havoc and may also take you off the ground for some time but, keep in mind that you should not expect these to withstand strong gusts of 100 mile per hour. It cannot be that strong! But as you read before, the wind resisting umbrellas are good as long as the wind blows till 50 to 55 miles per hour. The idea is to make sure that these strong gusts do not put a pressure on the canopy of the umbrella and keep you safe.

The material that is used to make the canopy is highly durable and goes through a long inspection session. The staff hired for the purpose of constructing these umbrellas is diligently involved in creating the best wind resistant umbrellas. They ensure that you do not have any difficulty walking during rain or a windstorm and reach your destination as clean and tidy looking as you looked when you set foot out of your home. Buy windproof umbrellas to avoid looking like you have just come from a rigorous and deadly fight with someone!


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Tips On Choosing A Sofa For Your Living Room

Buying a sofa is major investment and you must take time to select the right furniture. Sofas and couches made of extravagant materials and master-crafted leather can cost many thousands of dollars. Nobody wants to get buyer's regret after investing a small fortune. Check the next tips on how to choose a sofa for your living room.

The first thing you should do is to determine the size and shape of the sofa. This will influence heavily the next decisions. You will have to figure out how the new furniture will integrate with the other living room objects. Decide if you want to add other couches or chairs near. Many people like to add a small coffee table. Choose a simple or an L-shaped sofa if this is your option. But if you want the sofa to be the focal point of the living room, choose a rounder shaped model. They are bigger and provide more seating.

Keep in mind that an L-shaped sofa is ideal for covering a large area and provide boundaries between surfaces with different functionality. You can use an L-shaped model to separate the living room from the dining room.

Rounder models are recommended for smaller rooms. And they can be used as a gathering point. You can use it to gather all your friends and watch some football matches, if that is your wish.

Select a style that complements your room and design choices. A sofa should be an integrated part of the room. There are so many stylistic options, from modern to vintage models, way too surrealistic and eccentric models.

The next thing to consider is the orientation. Decide if you want it oriented towards your TV, towards the windows or towards the exit doors. Its orientations is strongly related to its purpose: for relaxing, to provide seating for your guests, to watch TV, to enjoy the scenery, etc.

It is crucial to research the materials before buying a sofa. There are many materials, each one with pro and cons. Plush, white suede is very attractive and comfy material, but is the easiest one to ruin - not recommended if you have pets or small children. You surely do not want your dog Rollo happily chew on your newly bought furniture. Leather is the typical choice, with so many shades and colors, making a sofa easily to adapt to the other objects in the room. Outdoor fabric is also a sound choice, but you must carefully select the material.

If you want to buy the best sofas and couches on sale, visit our website. Check our online shop!

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5 Tips to Buy Online Safely

Nowadays, online shopping has grown into a huge business. As a matter of fact, a large number of buyers are turning to the internet to buy goods. However, the problem is that you may lose a lot of money when buying online unless you take necessary precautions. Your credit card information may get stolen. You can take a few important steps to be safe when buying from online stores. So, if you want to buy safely on the internet, follow the 5 tips given below.

1. Stick with trusted brands

Buying from trusted brands is the first thing that you should keep in mind as far as shopping online is concerned. This will give you the peace of mind that you are buying the right stuff at the right price. Moreover, reputable brands use high security measures.

Make sure that you avoid fraudsters as they create fake websites that look professional. Also, keep in mind professional-looking websites have a high rate of success as far as extracting data is concerned. So, it's a good idea to stick to reputable brands only.

2. Use credit cards instead of debit cards

When buying online, credit cards offer more security than debit cards. Actually, credit cards are not linked to the funds you own. Moreover, credits cards don't allow you to spend more than the given limit. So, you won't pay in case your information gets stolen and compromised.

In the same way, it's a good idea to use secure online payment systems, such as PayPal. Actually, these services act like an intermediary and provide safety when buying online. Therefore, it's a good idea to use a payment gateway instead of using an unsafe method of payment.

3. Look for https URL

Https was introduced by Netscape, which is a web safety protocol. Actually, it encrypts information in order to keep the data private and secure. In most cases, the URL text has a padlock symbol.

Actually, the letter S in the term Https refers to secure. As a matter of fact, sites that has https in their URLs are safe since they use SSL to encrypt information that is sent over the web.

4. Be aware of Fake offers

Some people grab an unbelievable offer with great enthusiasm without giving it a second thought. You may not want to use the offers that lure you to buy something at a very low price. You should be careful as there are tons of scams out there who make tempting offers to entice buyers.

So, you should be careful when a holiday is approaching as most companies make a lot of genuine offers before these days and scammers take advantage of it. And fraud companies also make fake offers in order to steal money from people's credit cards.

5. Use a mobile phone network instead of a public Wi-Fi

Most people love public WiFi. However, as far as buying online, you may not want to use a public WiFi since it involves a lot of risk. As a matter of fact, most hotspots are very insecure and they are more prone to attacks from hackers.

If you want to resolve the vulnerabilities related to the public WiFi, you can use a lot of alternatives. To be on the safe side, we suggest that you use your mobile phone network rather than an open WiFi connection. This is a more secure way of connecting to the Internet.

So, if you are going to buy online, the 5 tips given in this article will help you be on the safe side. Make sure you don't reveal your credit card information to anyone.

Have you been looking for some good UAE online shopping sites? If so, we suggest that you check out Easy Shopping.

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Five Secrets To Getting The Best Gas Stove Price

We all like to save money, especially when we save money buying something we really need in our lives like home appliances. The one room that takes center stage is the kitchen, and undoubtedly we all are looking big-time deals, which would include a tremendous gas stove price.

Gas stoves bring the power of fire to the kitchen, and for those who make the kitchen their haven, being able to harness this power leads to some of the most satisfying moments in life, as well as some of the most delicious moments. While it can be intimidating to deal with an open flame, it can be more nerve-wrecking to know whether you're scoring a serious amount of savings when you buy a gas stove.

Sometimes appliance stores will sell a package of kitchen appliances together so that with one purchase, you are able to deck out your kitchen with all of the appliances you need. It can seem tempting, but some people consider themselves fairly well-versed in the kitchen enough to warrant buying a gas stove all on its own so as to find "the best".

The truth is that "the best" always varies from person to person & family to family. It's these types of dilemmas that make it vital to really know what to look for when you go shopping for the right gas stove.

Luckily, home appliance experts can agree that these five secrets that could give you some deep intel as you hit the market:

Spending More Doesn't Get You More - Many consumer-advocacy publications & services note that some of the best models can often give you the most options at a great price. Even though the 'pro' model is nice, you might get more bang for your buck a price tier or two lower.

Know Your Needs - Are you single? In a relationship where both of you live together? Do you have children or are planning on having kids? An answer to these simple questions may help steer you in the right direction so that you buy the right gas stove for you.

Have A Budget - As with any remodeling/refurbishing/replacing situation, you never want to leave home without establishing a budget. A working budget allows you to not spend more than you can afford, as well as make you a bit more diligent in looking for the stove that meets your criteria.

Resale Value or Value in Use - Real estate gurus note that many sellers are doing all they can to up the ante on their home's resale value, including some high-end appliances. You need to think about whether your choice in gas stove today has great resale value & nothing else or if you favor great resale value even after real-life use.

Choose The Right Day - Merchants & consumer experts note that finding the right day to shop is very important when looking for a good deal on a gas stove or any appliance. Thursdays are high on the list as sale pricing for the weekend starts to go up. Also, holiday sales are actually pretty good ways of getting your gas stove at the right price. Finally, depending on whether your local appliance store employs people based on commission, going toward the end of the month may be a way to have a little more clout in the negotiation game.

A good gas stove price can make a tough decision easier simply because you're keeping a little extra change in your pocket. Just be sure you know what you're looking for before you buy.

Click here for a great Austin-area gas stove price.

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Things to Do So As to Enjoy Cash Back While Shopping Online

For anyone who loves online shopping, it is good if you get cash back on purchases all the time. There is cash back awarded to credit cards and there are other websites that will offer some extra money when you shop online. There are ways by which one can maximize the cash back they enjoy.

Cash back portals

You can choose to use some cash back portals since they can help you get much more cash. Today, there are lots of websites that have come up so as to help the customers get as much cash as possible. These are websites that are referred to as shopping portals. What you need to do is go to the website and then make a purchase via the portal. When you do this, a certain percentage will be awarded to you according to the money that has already been spent.

One of the main reasons why such portals offer money is due to the fact that each sale earns them a commission. This is the reason as to why they feel ready to offer some cash to the customers. Some of the portals have a great number of retailers and they are linked and this means you may not be able to get a discount. Every site has got its own rate and you may get different rates at different sites.

Some of the things you should do are as follows:

1. Clear cookies: before you visit any single portal, it is important to ensure that all your cookies have been cleared. When you do this, the portal may realize that the site is the first that you visited so as to try to access one of their retailers. If you have visited other third party sites, then you may still have that history within your gadget. When cookies are cleared, you have a better chance of getting cash back.

2. Not all portals are genuine: there are portals that have got really bad reputation because they refuse to give the money or they could take money from the account at random. You need to carry out research so that you may use only the genuine sites at all times.

Finding the portal with greatest back rate

There are so many portals to choose from. You need to make a careful selection so as to use the one that gives the greatest cash back rate. To find them you can:

1. Use a monitor: with so many portals, you can use an efficient way that allows you to see the one that offers most cash back.

2. Signing up: you may have to create an account with the portals so as to get everything that they offer. This is also a way in which they will be able to see all purchases that you make at all times. You will need an email address and a name to be able to sign up.

3. The retailers: the retailers that are using a particular portal can tell you so much about the portal itself. When the results are displayed, you will also see the amount of cash back that you get.

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Top Tips To Buy a Soup Maker

Have you just bought a soup maker? If so, you may be looking for some tips as to how to use it the right way. Given below are our best tips for you to buy the product the right way. Read on.

Why Use A Soup Maker?

For some people, a good soup maker is a good present. So, they use it as a gift for their loved ones. You can also buy an on-the-go version of the product that comes with a sauté base. For now, I love that version. However, you can also go for the kettle version.

If you are trying to find out how to use one, you already have one. But if you don't already have one, you should read up on different types of soup makers to make the right choice. Below is a description of different types of the product for your understanding.

Types of Soup Makers

Jug Type

Jug type maker of soups are the type that most people own. They look like a big kettle, but the inside of the product can't be seen when it is in use. On these products, you need to use the min and max settings for the right amount of liquid and ingredients. The kettle types can also be used to make smoothies.

Blender Type

Blender type soup makers cost a bit more. Often, they can sauté vegetables and onions. Since kettle types are catching up, you will see that this benefit will wipe out.

Usually, these versions look like conventional counter top blenders. On these models, the blending tool can be seen on the bottom. They are hard to clean. But this is not the case for everyone. You have to use the product to find out if it is hard to clean for you.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Soup Maker


First of all, you should decide on the size of the product. For instance, you can go for either a 1.3 liters or a 1.6 liters one. For one person, we suggest that you go for a small soap maker, especially if you are going to buy one for the first time.


The settings on a soup maker can make a great difference. If you want to make smooth soup, you can adjust the settings. Actually, the smoothie function is an extra feature. If you want to know the settings, you should read up on the settings and functions in the manual.

Ease of cleaning

For ease of cleaning, you may want to read the customer reviews. Only real customers can tell you if a product is easy to use. As a matter of fact, ease of cleaning is an important factor to take into account when buying one. After all, you don't want to end up with a product that can't be cleaned.

So, if you have been looking for a good soup maker, we suggest that you use the tips given in this article. You don't want to end up with the wrong product.

Have you been looking for a good soup maker? If so, we suggest that you check out Soup Diet.

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Things To Consider While Opting For Custom Rubber Keychains

Whether it's a business promotion event or an official get-together, you would surely like to gift attractive items to your professional partners and potential customers. It's here that you need to check the exclusive collection of customized giveaways available at top stores. Personalized key tags and chains can be the perfect options. These products are attractive, wonderful, and useful too! Most importantly, they are handy and can accompany you to several places. All you have to do is plan the purchase process successfully and get the best products.

Factors to note

Whenever you plan to buy Custom Rubber Keychains, it will be imperative to identify the crucial factors. The quality and usefulness of the material are important. Apart from that, you should also know the utility of the product and why it is important for your brand. Breeze through the factors and aspects that define its importance:

1. Business promotion

High-quality things sold by the top suppliers will take your venture to the greatest heights. Your brand will get promoted across sectors and amongst potential consumers. You can add a touch of personalization and get the business logo printed on these key tags.

2. Client outreach

For a successful professional journey, it's very crucial to establish your venture in the professional world. Your target consumers should know about your brand, its products, and highlights. Personalized key tags and chains will keep reminding them of your presence.

3. Effective marketing

Marketing your business across various sectors is important. You should do it efficiently. That's where these items will work and help you out! With customized and designer things, you will get exclusive opportunities to promote your business.

Choosing the appropriate options

It's highly imperative to invest in top-quality products. You just can't invest in a key tag that fails to promote your brand. Quite naturally, quite a few important factors come into the picture, and that's where you need to be careful. Here are some of those crucial reasons:

· Quality: Quality is a prime factor in the purchase process. You should always choose high-quality items for promoting your business as your target customers will use them. The leading suppliers will come up with top-class products that belong to highest quality standards.

· Price: Affordable and cheap keychains can also serve your purpose. You have to make the right choice and be careful while choosing the designs. Determine the price accordingly and prepare the budget before finalizing the process.

· Designs: Most of the buyers are apprehensive about the designs. Depending on your business needs and demands, you can opt for the appropriate ones. Getting the personalized keychains with special messages will be the best thing to do. Your customers, associates, and target audience will simply love them!

What to do?

Making crucial considerations will be the best thing to do. If you want to plan something different for your venture, it's high time to take the step. Invest in the best promotional items and make sure they are useful too. You will receive the best boost for your brand and its products!

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Mobile Laptop Cart: How to Choose a Mobile Laptop Cart

A mobile laptop cart gives you the flexibility to work or play where you want to in your home or office. Maybe you're thinking of taking advantage of the latest health information that says sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health. You can buy a mobile laptop cart that functions as a standup desk or is adjustable to be either a sitting desk or a standup desk depending on your needs.

How do you choose the best mobile laptop cart for your needs?


You may be tempted to buy the least expensive mobile laptop cart out there and you couldn't be faulted for trying to save money. You should consider that the laptop cart you buy will need to hold your laptop securely and last for years.

A cheap pressed board model with questionable hardware is not the way to go. You don't want a laptop desk that is wobbly and you're constantly worried that it might fall over. Look for office furniture quality which is usually more durable than the quality of home models.

Real Estate

You may be thinking all you really need is enough space for your laptop and maybe a mouse, but think about when you're working at a regular desk. For me it's not uncommon for me to have some reference paperwork nearby, a reference book on my desk, and a few writing instruments.

If you get a computer cart that just holds a laptop, you run the risk of making it uncomfortable to work. If you will be uncomfortable working on a mobile laptop cart, you might as well stick with a traditional desk instead.

For example, I have enough space on my mobile desk to hold a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, books, papers, pens, and some accessories. It's not just a mobile laptop cart, it's my mobile workspace.


We're not all the same height. We're all different. Unless you buy a completely custom built mobile computer cart designed just for you, you're going to have to buy a mass-produced model. If you buy one that's not very adjustable, you run the risk that it won't be comfortable to use.

The adjustable laptop cart you choose should at least be height adjustable to the height you need. It's also nice if the angle of the laptop surface is adjustable to fit your desired wrist angle.

For many who have worked long hours at a desk, you may know the pain of carpal tunnel or other stress injuries. You should be comfortable without stressing your arms, back, or wrists. To do that you need to buy a mobile laptop cart with as much adjustability built-in as possible.


This is an article about mobile laptop carts which means they roll on casters. Casters come in a variety of sizes, materials, designs, and can be lockable or not. Larger casters roll easier over a variety of surfaces. Metal casters are more durable than plastic casters. Rubberized casters roll more easily over smooth surfaces without sliding.

Locking casters keep your mobile laptop cart in place while you're using it and then unlock so you can move the cart where you need it. Most models of rolling computer cart come with at least two of their four casters lockable.

Try to avoid small, cheap casters that don't roll easily over the surfaces in your home and will probably fail in the long run.

Stand or Sit

I think everyone would agree that sitting is not as good for your health as exercising. Whether it's healthier to stand in one place at your desk for hours or to sit at your desk for hours is still being debated. Both styles are available and there are even some models that can function as both a standup or sitting laptop desk.

My recommendation is that you shouldn't get so caught up in the thought of using a laptop cart that you create a negative working space. If you dread working because you've created an inefficient, mobile workplace, you've eliminated the possible benefits. Buy a highly adjustable, large, durable, quality mobile laptop cart that increases your productivity and is enjoyable to use.

Mark Ridgeway


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Travel Garment Steamer: Portable Clothes Steamer Buying Guide

A travel garment steamer is a great travel companion for removing wrinkles from clothing, freshening and sanitizing linens, and much more. If you're a frequent traveler, you know the pain of hotel irons. I was a 100% business traveler for many years and I learned quickly that a portable travel garment steamer was the only reliable choice for removing wrinkles from my business attire.

If you travel a lot, you know what I'm talking about. Do any of these situations sound familiar?

o No iron in the hotel room and a lot of trouble getting one delivered to the room

o No ironing board with even more trouble getting one delivered to the room

o An iron that doesn't get hot with obvious corrosion coming out of the holes due tap water usage

o White mineral build-up coming out of the holes getting all over your dark clothing

o An iron that obviously ironed some material that melted to it and now is ready to transfer itself to your clothing

Road warriors can leave that all that behind by getting a simple travel garment steamer.

What should you look for in a travel handheld garment steamer?


It seems simple, but when you look at some of the handheld clothing steamer designs, it makes you wonder if they're actually designed for portability. Your travel steamer needs to fit into your suitcase, backpack, or carry-on with room for all your other essentials. Fortunately, most of the popular travel steamers are well-designed to take up as little space as possible in your travel bags.


One of the problems with a travel handheld clothes steamer, when compared to full-sized steamer, is a lack of power. An ineffective clothing steamer with a weak steam flow is just frustrating and you might as well leave it at home. More power means a more powerful steam flow and a faster time to steam.

A handheld steamer for clothes is compact and lightweight to carry with you, but that leaves little room in the design for heating elements that produce the power you need. If you go too small, you may be disappointed in the performance of your travel steamer.

Water Capacity

The water reservoir on a travel steamer holds the fuel that produces the steam you need to remove wrinkles. A larger reservoir will deliver continuous steam longer so you can remove more wrinkles. A larger reservoir adds weight, bulk, and because you have to hold it in your hand, possibly more awkwardness. A larger portable fabric steamer will also take up more space in your suitcase.

Distilled Water

You will find that some manufacturers will make claims that you can use regular tap water in their steamers. The reality is if you use distilled water, your garment steamer will last longer. The problem is that all tap water everywhere has some level of mineral content and when the water is converted to steam, the minerals are left behind to coat the heating elements. Over time, it reduces the effectiveness of your handheld garment steamer and eventually will render it useless.

So, what do you do? Ideally you should always use distilled water. Given your busy schedule and the pain of buying distilled water on the road, the best you can do is probably to use hard water cleaner crystals (basically salt) to prolong the life of your steamer. Some models include a sample of the crystals.

Power Button

You would think that all appliances would have on/off switches. Most travel steamers are plug-and-steam. While they're plugged in, they're on. If you forget to unplug the steamer, you may damage it. Some travel garment steamers come with an on/off switch for safety and convenience. Some models handle this problem by providing an automatic shut-off feature if the unit gets too hot or water in the reservoir gets too low.

Power Cord Length

Road warriors know that outlets in hotel rooms are few and far between and never where you would expect them. It's gotten better over the years, but the situation is far from perfect. Often, I had to use the bathroom outlet and hang my clothing on a closet door or on the shower rod. Where you plug in and where you hang your clothing will depend on the length of your portable garment steamer power cord. A long power cord can mean the difference between comfortable winkle removal and utter frustration.


Are you a world traveler? If so, pay attention to the voltage specifications on any travel steamer you're considering. If you travel outside the U.S., you will need a dual-voltage capable steamer that can handle both 120 and 240 volts and 50/60 Hz.


Nobody is going to see your handheld steamer. With that said, nice styling makes an appliance more appealing. My recommendation is to leave the style behind and go for the better engineered travel steamer that is going to do the job.

Tools and Accessories

Most travel clothing steamers come with at least a fabric brush, lint brush, protective carrying bag or case. Anything more is a bonus.


When a manufacturer provides a long warranty, they are telling you that they have faith in their materials and workmanship. Look for a fabric steamer with a warranty of one year or better.

Mark Ridgeway


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Six Reasons Why Nomad Furniture's Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames Don't Wobble

Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames crafted by Nomad Furniture in Albuquerque, New Mexico are impeccably created so that you received a frame that won't wobble. What makes these frames so robust and strong?

1) True Craftsmanship since 1982

Dave Cady's Nomad Furniture has been making platform bed frames since 1982, and these years of experience and knowledge is put into every piece of furniture they make.

One component of a frame that does not wobble is the fact that each leg and each side rail and headboard is thoroughly measured, so that there are no mistakes. Faulty engineering can sometimes be the downfall, literally, of a frame that is not stable.

2) Shoulder Screw Construction

These frames are designed to ensure that the crosspiece side rails that attach to the legs are snug and secure. This is done with internal components referred to as shoulder screw connectors.

Each crosspiece is fitted with an embedded steel harness that lines up to fit over the shoulder screws on each leg. The rail is pushed down over the screws and tapped down carefully with a rubber mallet.

The frame is rigid and snug. The steel shoulder screw joint, connecting the rails to the legs, is fixed and sturdy. This is one huge component that makes for the fact that this frame that will not wobble. There are no external screws, bolts or nails used to attach the rails to the legs. The sturdy and elegant appearance of each frame truly adds to the décor of any bedroom.

3) Solid Hardwood Construction

Using hardwoods of Oak and Maple guarantees a durable frame that can last for ages. There is NO bargain material used in these frames. That means that there is no laminate, particle board or low-grade plywood in these frames. Softer woods like pine can dent and bruise easily. Hardwoods are more resistant to everyday wear and tear.

Hardwoods withstand warping, cupping, marring, abrasion, wear and moisture. This sentence says a lot! Hardwood furniture is far beyond all other woods available. This is really important in a platform bed frame. You don't want that frame to crumble in the middle of the night.

4) The Slat Set

An additional aspect of receiving a bed that won't wobble is that you are held up on a frame that has furniture grade poplar slats. Poplar is a hardwood that is far stronger than pine or laminated slats. Having a substantial slat set is very important in order to transfer the weight of the mattress and you evenly around the foundation. When shopping, don't forget to ask about the material used for the slats.

5) Center Board Supports

An important part of the design is that each Full, Queen, King and Cal King is constructed with a center boards. The Full and Queen have one center board, and the King and Cal King have two center boards. Speaking of strong! You are aptly supported underneath and is most important. When the foundation is strong, you can be assured that your bed will not cave in.

6) Y-Support Legs

And, if all of this is not enough, Y-support legs are available to support the center boards. Thus, this gives you additional foundational insurance that your bed will not wobble.

Nomad Furniture Platform Bed Frames are made with the highest integrity. Nomad has an impressive reputation as a reliable and respectable business. This integrity is reflected in each piece of furniture that leaves the warehouse. What you get is a piece of furniture that is perfectly designed to last and last for many years to come. The future generation may actually inherit your frame. The use of Oak and Maple Hardwoods guarantees that they will be more resistant to everyday deterioration.

The shoulder screw construction creates a frame that fits snugly and tightly together to minimize any wobble in the frame.

A superior slat set made from furniture grade poplar is an affirmation you that you have solid foundation beneath you.

Center support boards and additional Y- legs offer additional insurance to a frame that is strong, solid and one that will last and last for years to come.

The end product is a frame that is well designed for both form and function. You get a gorgeous piece of furniture that will enhance any bedroom.

Lynda Leonard, Owner of Northern Naturals, invites you to check out our full line of Solid Wood Platform Bed Frames, Side Tables and Bookshelves made in the USA from Oak and Maple harvested from managed forests. We plant a tree in our National Forest for every platform bed frame we sell.


Since 1998, Northern Naturals has served its online community offering a popular line of non-toxic Furniture, Futons without nasty fire retardants, Futon Couches, Hypoallergenic Sleeping Pillows, Natural Fiber Rugs, Wool Mattress Toppers and Latex Mattress Toppers.

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Laboratory Freezer Buying Guide

A laboratory freezer often protects valuable medical or scientific materials that may be the basis of your lab operations. With a function that important, the laboratory freezer you choose needs to be reliable, needs to have accurate temperature control, and needs to be the right type to fit your lab's requirements.

Laboratory freezers come in distinct types broken down by temperature and configuration.


There are three common temperature categories of laboratory freezer including general purpose with pre-set temperatures between -20 and -30 degrees C, low-temp with pre-set temperatures between -30 and -45 degrees C, and ultra-low temp with pre-set temperatures between -45 and -86 degrees C. All pre-set temperatures are adjustable, but only within a narrow range, so it's important to match freezers you're considering with your temperature requirements.


Lab freezers come in two common configurations; upright and chest. Uprights can be further divided into free-standing and undercounter.

Upright Freezers

Upright freezers have the advantage of being easier to organize. Usually upright freezers have more shelves and you can relocate items in the freezer without having to remove other items that may be on top.

Larger uprights typically also have additional storage in the door which provides extra flexibility to store frequently used materials for quick access when needed.

Undercounter upright freezers are particularly good for storing smaller materials you need frequent access to because they can be placed out-of-the-way near the work station that uses them.

The disadvantage of upright freezers lies in temperature control. When you open an upright freezer, frigid air wants to spill down from the freezer. The drop in temperature can be dramatic making it more difficult to maintain a desired temperature. The more times you must open the door to conduct lab operations, the more pronounced the effect will be.

Something to consider when purchasing an upright lab freezer is inner compartment doors. Particularly for temperature sensitive materials, inner compartment doors allow you to control the temperature more precisely for those items protected by the doors. The temperature in the remainder of the compartment may fluctuate more with the opening and closing of the main door, while materials behind the inner compartment doors remains constant or closer to constant.

Another feature of some freezers is the ability to adjust temperature automatically and quickly each time the door is opened. This can make up for the lack of internal compartments and give you more flexibility in storage organization.

Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are more difficult to organize because you must layer items on top of each other. To access items on the bottom, you must remove something from the top.

One advantage of chest freezers is that they can store larger material containers than an upright. Chest freezers are best at longer term or bulk storage of materials.

Temperature control is much easier with a chest freezer because you open the door from the top and the frigid air tends to stay in the chest instead of spilling out.

Combination Freezer/Refrigerator

If you need both a refrigerator and a freezer, instead of taking up the space for two separate units, you can buy a combination unit that includes a separate freezer and refrigerator. They have separate doors for each function along with separate temperature controls and can be equipped with separate alarms and sensors. They may be just the thing for labs that are tight on space.

There are other considerations when choosing a laboratory freezer.


How big does your freezer need to be? Only you can answer that question, but it's an important one.

How much space do you have to dedicate to the freezer? You may want a large chest freezer, but if you don't have the space, then it won't solve your problem. Keep in mind that uprights also allow you to store more material in a smaller footprint.

Are you storing large containers for extended periods? Then a large chest freezer may be the answer.

Is the organization of the materials very important to reduce lab errors? An upright would be the right choice.

Do you need frequent access to the materials in the freezer? You should probably choose a small or undercounter model that you can place near your workstation.

An analysis of your situation may reveal that you need more than one freezer to satisfy your requirements.

Location. Location. Location.

If you're planning to place your new freezer in a new location, you need to be mindful of the needs of the freezer. First, freezers don't do as well in warmer rooms. It makes their compressors work harder and reduces their useful life.

Also, freezers work better with clearance on all sides to enhance air circulation. Placing them against a wall or close to other equipment can cause overheating and failure.

Finally, freezers create heat all by themselves which raises room temperature making the compressor work harder. Be careful not to place too many freezers in the same area to avoid raising the temperature of the room too much for all the freezers to operate efficiently.

Temperature Control

Many lab materials or specimens must be kept at precise temperatures to insure their viability. With that in mind, if you need that level of control, make sure you choose a model with precise temperature control.

Many newer models have microprocessor controlled thermostats that are much more accurate than older manual, dial-type or analog units and even allow temperature settings accurate to one decimal place.


No matter how reliable or high-quality your freezer is, the possibility of unforeseeable, catastrophic failure is always a possibility. With that in mind, if you store valuable materials you can't afford to lose, a built-in alarm system is a necessity. Some systems can provide remote alarms even alerting you via email, text, phone, or pager in addition to giving off an audible alarm when temperatures rise above limits.

Temperature Sensors

Some disciplines, like medical, biological, and food and drug for example, require careful documentation of temperature for validation. Sensors are available that collect data that can be used to validate both material and air temperature as required. Data can be stored for retrieval locally or remotely as needed.

Manual Defrost

Manual defrost units are subject to ice buildup on interior walls which must be removed periodically. That means that materials in the freezer will have to be removed and provided with alternate temporary storage during the process. Time will also have to be allotted while the freezer cools enough to return the materials to the freezer.

Automatic Defrost

Many auto-defrost lab freezers use heat to defrost condenser coils which, when in operation, will cause the temperature inside the freezer to rise. Heat plus air circulation removes any ice on the walls of the unit, but can put materials inside the freezer at risk if this situation is not part of your planning.

Often, just keeping the unit full is enough to prevent a substantial change in temperature, however ice packs can be used to help. Mainly, you just need to be aware of the impact of the auto-defrost cycle on the freezer's contents.

Newer units have the capability to shorten defrost cycles and can be configured to shorten the cycle when temperatures rise above a specified temperature. Shorter automatic defrost cycles reduce the risk to lab materials.

Automatic defrost units use more energy efficient than their manual defrost counterparts.


In your industry, you may require everything from locks on the freezer door to a record of when a freezer door was opened and who opened it. You can find basic lockable doors on many freezer models, but for more elaborate systems you will need to opt for more expensive or even custom models.

Material Visibility

Inventory management or physical security can be as simple as being able to see what's available. In the case of a freezer, it can be as simple as an insulated glass door. Basic upright freezers come with solid doors often with storage shelves or bins in the door. Models with insulated glass doors are more expensive and do not have the extra storage in the door.

Upright Freezer Door Reversibility

It's common now for single-door upright lab freezers to have reversible doors to enhance the flexibility of locating the freezer in your lab. If that's a capability you may need, be sure and confirm that the freezer you're considering has a reversible door.

Material Construction

Freezers come with coated or stainless steel interiors and exteriors. Stainless steel is resistant to stains and rust while painted steel surfaces when scratched can be at risk for corrosion. More than just aesthetics, stainless steel is a more durable material that can make the freezer easier to clean and prolong the life of your freezer.


Any unprotected electric device can be a safety hazard in the wrong environment. Loose wires, short circuits, and blown lights can all cause sparks which in the presence of an oxygen-rich environment or flammable chemicals can cause a fire or explosion. If this is a concern, units are available that are designed to be explosion-proof.

I sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best laboratory freezer for your needs.


Our site provides up-to-date information on refrigerators and freezers of all types to assist you with making informed buying decisions. On our site BestRefrigeratorCentral you will find new articles and regularly updated articles loaded with information to help you choose the best refrigerator or freezer for your needs. We specialize in providing additional information about compact refrigerators, compact freezers, and portable refrigerators and freezers that you may not find anywhere else. All of our articles contain high quality pictures so you know what to look for when buying your refrigerator or freezer.

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Promotional Mugs Are a Delightful Way to Share Business Information

With custom promotional mugs, you have a low cost but highly effective way to be able to reach out to people. Getting information out there about what you offer, how people can contact you, and building your brand are all key to longevity. You want your business to continue to grow and to be profitable. Not only right now, but may decades into the future.

Not all of your advertising dollars need to be focused on pushing products or services you offer. Some of them, such as custom promotional mugs, offer a wonderful way to thank customers and even business contacts for their relationship with you. This is a product most will use so it doesn't get thrown in a drawer and forgotten.

Make sure you pay for very well made custom promotional mugs though. They should be durable with a lid that fits very good. If the product isn't quality made, people aren't going to be happy to use it. The goal is to make it something that is convenient for them and they will reach for it time and time again. Each time they do, they see your business information.

Grab them with Information

The lettering should be large enough they don't have to get squinty trying to read it. The colors should be reflective of your company logo and other details. This is important so the person using it makes that visual connections to your business when they see it. Keep in mind, the product should be able to hold up well with the lettering too.

If it washes off when you clean the custom promotional mugs or when you put them in the dishwasher, it defeats the purpose. When the flaking starts, the quality of appearance starts to be compromised. This can cause some users to toss it out rather than to continue using it. Even if they do continue using it, the message you share is hindered.

Maximize the Space

You have plenty of space to complete your layout on custom promotional mugs. With that in mind, add a logo and your quotes for the business. Add your phone number, address, and website. To help build trust, add when your business started too if it has been a few years. This will show them you aren't a flash in the pan business, but rather one that is here to stay!

Pick your Provider

You want custom promotional mugs that look great, hold up over time, and serve your marketing message with information. Share all of this with the provider you plan to work with and see what they can come up with for you. Find a provider who doesn't charge anything to consult with them and share what they can offer to you. Find out what the price will be per unit.

Often, they will offer you tremendous savings if you buy a larger amount. This reduces the per unit cost so you save money. This is the type of promo item you can give away any time of the year and for any reason. They aren't going to be out of style any time soon either so there is no reason not to buy in bulk and save. You don't need tons of space to store them either!

Find out about the quality of the work the provider does before you talk to them about doing work for you. The last thing you need is to be embarrassed by the quality of what they deliver. It is an extension of your business, and it needs to show you care about quality on every level.

You won't be disappointed with the variety and quality of items we offer at http://www.brandzltd.com/household-heros/mugs.html. We are dedicated to helping you with your marketing needs in a fresh concept. This is your opportunity to connect with your niche market, and it has to be perfect! We can help you create ideas and to fully execute them with a successful outcome. We have over 100,000 products you can select from. It is time to offer something new and exciting to represent your business. We are happy to customise items for you and to offer an excellent price on all of our products.

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Eight Tips in Choosing a Baby Bassinet That's Right For You

There are different types of bassinets to choose from such as Portable, Rocking, Round, Moses baskets, Cradle, Wood, Oval, Bassinets with and without wheels. Whichever type you choose, here are some tips to consider in making the right choice.

Choose a baby bassinet that meets the safety standard of the industry. It should be certified by the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association. Check out the association's website for their list of certified brands.

Bassinets make travelling with your baby a plus. Depending on the bassinet, it can be doubled as a car seat. Baby Bassinets should be able to be moved easily from one location to another. Depending on its structure and design you should be able to carry or wheel baby around the house without hassle. It is important to test the straps and wheels of the bassinet to ensure baby's safety.

It is important to check the baby bassinet mattress for comfort. Make sure it is not too soft or too firm. Test for firmness by pressing your finger on the mattress. If your finger sinks down easily, the mattress is too soft. If your finger barely makes an indentation, it is too firm. Your finger should bounce quickly up from the mattress. The mattress should fit snugly within the frame of the bassinet. There should be no gaps or overlaps. The largest space you can allow should not be bigger than your finger which you can test by inserting a finger into the gap between the mattress and the mattress frame. If you can easily two fingers in the gap, then the mattress is too small and may be a risk for baby's safety.

The baby bassinet should be placed in a clutter free space. Although most bassinets are portable think about the area where it will stay most of the time. Are your hallways, passageways, and doorways wide enough for the bassinet to pass through.

Take into consideration the sturdiness of the bassinet to ensure that it will not move when your baby is inside. There should be a locking mechanism on the wheels, legs should be sturdy and have a leg lock to prevent collapsing. If the bassinet sways it should have locks also.

There are many features to choose from when selecting a bassinet such as rocking mechanism, mobile, underneath storage basket, music system, hooded, canopy, removable base, wheels and straps. Choose the features that best fit your needs.

Prices range from as low as $54 to as high as $500 or even higher. Think about the comfort and safety features so whichever price range is suitable for you, make sure the bassinet is safe.

Keep in mind that baby bassinets are not suitable for babies over four months or your baby begin to roll or begin to try to crawl. Then it will be time to switch to a crib. Don't despair! You can use the bassinet as a storage unit for toys, and for everyday baby needs. You can also pass it down getting the value out of it for many babies to come.

Huldah loves babies. She currently helps run a website where they sell baby bassinets of every size shape and color. Shop today!

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Anti Fatigue Mats - A Must For Your Workplace To Increase Productivity

Nearly all of us have felt it- the insistent pain resulting from long days of working and standing. It is one of the common causes of physical fatigue in the workplace. Now if considered, apart from headaches, low back pain is another largest cause of the pain and physician contact in the States. Now what are solutions to this problem?

Physical fatigue can occur when the muscles are usually constricted and the blood flow is accordingly reduced. As a result, the heart is forced to work harder to pump blood through the areas which are constricted. The mats with anti-fatigue quality works effectively by encouraging subtle movement of leg and calf muscles promoting an easier flow of blood right back to the heart. This is called "Dynamic Ergonomics" - sometimes referred to as the study of making sure that standing workers comforts with means of excellent muscle activity.

Reasons for the cause of fatigue at workplace

As per research and study, there can be two broad causes of physical fatigue- 'Cinderella' fibres and imbalance.

Cinderella Fibres

When standing, we use the same muscles which are required for efficiently performing the duties. Being in prolonged position in an upright way, we need to train the muscles effectively converting the whole process into a different automatic system- the muscular functioning which is being recorded by brain and applied.

These muscular fibres are known as 'Cinderella Fibres' as of their ability to do any job even after they are exhausted.


Our balance is harmed when we are standing for long period of time; the reason behind this being weight is not equally distributed and there is increased pressure accordingly on our spine and back leading to joint pains.

Concerns To Look For While You Are Looking For Anti-Fatigue Matting Solutions

There are certain categories which one should look for while looking for these matting solutions.

Size- Size is an important concern while one is looking for the matting solutions. There should be enough surfaces right for the workspace. Make sure you find out the areas where there is maximum movement throughout the day for ensuring that they will be standing on the mat as much as required.

Surface- Make sure to consider the wear and tear the mat will get everyday and right over time. Keep in mind, the fact that whether the equipment, machinery, forklifts and employees are constantly on or off. If that is the case, then check out the mats with extra durable surface mats.

Thickness- Based on the thickness of the mat, it depends how comfortable the mat are. One must take into account the base and plate accordingly.

Application- There are various types of mats with anti-fatigue solutions which are resistant to moisture and chemicals. But there are lots of elements, these mats will be exposed to like water and rough weather. Choose one which can sustain different types of weather in the apt way possible.

Lita Willem is an entrepreneur who knows the side effects of work fatigue leading to loss in productivity. She shares her views on anti fatigue mats a must for any workplace.

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5 Tips to Consider When Buying a Good Wheelbarrow

If you want to do your DIY construction projects with ease, we suggest that you look for the best equipment. When doing work in your yard, you will need a quality wheelbarrow for moving things around without any problem. As a matter of fact, if you want to work faster and easier, using a wheelbarrow is a great idea. So, it's important that you opt for a good product. Below are some tips that can help you with your decision making process. Read on to know more.

Type of terrain

Before you buy one, we suggest that you take into account the type of terrain. For instance, a regular wheelbarrow may not work in a mountainous or rocky place. So, if you have a rocky compound, you may want to check out a three-wheel brand. Actually, these things can work well on terrains serving a lot better. On the other hand, a yard car or a regular wheelbarrow works great for a flat ground.


Aside from the type of terrain, make sure you take into account the weight that will be carried in the wheelbarrow. For heavy loads, using a low capacity vehicle is not a good idea. You might end up damaging the carrier. For heavy loads, we suggest that you check out a wheelbarrow that offers higher capacity. Keep in mind that a smaller vehicle is a good choice for lighter items, such as yard trimmings and potted plants.

User limitations

You should consider your needs when buying the product. If you have some physical limitations, you may want to look for a three-wheel product since it is easier to carry around. You won't need to exert a lot of force, which is a great benefit. So, we highly recommend buying this type of equipment for your loved ones, especially those who have a disability.

Dumping needs

You may have the best wheelbarrow to meet your needs; however, do you know how to empty the wheelbarrow? If you have a good carrier, it won't be hard for you to empty it. Since most of the load rests on the only wheel of the carrier, you may find it a bit harder to balance the carrier when emptying it. You may want to buy a vehicle that offers enough room and flexibility when managing it.

Material of construction

Ideally, you may want to look for a wheelbarrow that will stand the test of time, and you won't need to replace it over and over again. You can choose one made from strong iron since they last longer and stand horrible work conditions. So, the construction material of the equipment is an important factor to consider when making this buying decision.

Long story short, if you want to choose the best wheelbarrow, you may want to decide on what you are going to use the product for. In your decision making, we won't recommend that you give a lot more importance to the design and beauty of the equipment. Instead, you should consider other important factors.

Have you been looking for a two wheel wheelbarrow? If so, we suggest that you check out agreatgarden for more information.

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Choosing Top of the Line Cookware - Best Materials to Consider

If you've recently refurbished your kitchen, the next thing you are probably looking at upgrading is your cookware lineup. Yes, those pots and pans have ceased to be boring utensils in standard sizes and shapes. Think about all the fancy cookware used by celebrity chefs on cooking shows. Don't you want them for your home kitchen?

Cookware has evolved greatly in design in the last few years. Not just that, there is a greater variety in material - stainless steel, cast iron, copper and non-stick. Each has pros and cons and we have discussed them at length below.

1. Stainless steel -

A common sight in most households, stainless steel has been a classic choice. This alloy of steel, chromium and carbon will last you for many years. It is resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It does not react with anything so you can safely use it to cook anything from meats to sauces. Stainless steel is also easy on the pocket. If you are looking for multipurpose utensils, stainless steel is oven and broiler safe.

However, it has poor heat conductivity which often results in uneven cooking. Top of the line cookware usually add a copper or aluminum core to allow for even heating.

2. Copper -

For years, cooking in copper utensils has been recommended for its various health benefits. A little known fact is that copper offers the highest thermal conductivity. Thus, your food cooks evenly and quickly. It allows for more controlled cooking.

The major downside of using copper is that the metal reacts with acidic foods giving it a metallic taste. A tin or stainless lining will reduce the reactivity of copper cookware. The price point is also slightly steep. Copper is high maintenance in that you need to polish them regularly to keep them looking good. Copper cookware is great for occasional cooking but not for everyday use.

3. Aluminum -

Aluminum boasts of a lot of good features. It is an excellent conductor of heat. It is lightweight. It is budget friendly. Anodized aluminum is a material option for top of the line cookware. It makes up for all the weaknesses in raw, untreated aluminum. Some foods tend to go bitter when left in aluminum dishes; a few also get discolored. This is less likely to happen in anodized aluminum. The process of anodization also makes aluminum surfaces scratch resistant. It also makes it sturdier and prevents warping under extremely high heat.

4. Cast iron -

There are two options for cast iron cookware - uncoated and enameled. Its strongest point is its durability; you will often find cast iron utensils being passed down through generations. It takes time to heat, but cooks evenly. To add, it retains heat well. Cast iron offers a good non-stick surface for cooking. It is affordable.

Cast iron reacts with food; however, the issue can be resolved with regular seasoning. Seasoning also prevents rusting. Where maintenance is concerned, you might be required to do a little more work with cast iron utensils.

So, depending on what you cook and how often you cook, you should choose cooking materials that will be best suited to you.

Bluebird's range of cookware is top of the line cookware. Their highly quality products are built for high performance commercial settings. Nevertheless, these are utensils you can use in your home kitchens and bring out the inner chef in you. Enjoy cooking at a price that won't dent your pocket with Bluebird.

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Choosing Designer Wears for Babies Shopping for baby clothes is no doubt an exciting prospect. Parents enjoy watching the transformations brought on their young ones by every variety of clothing that they can lay their hands on, each one making the baby look even more adorable than always. Baby clothes abound in textures, designs, patterns and colours, giving an ocean of choices to pick from. Renowned designers give due focus on baby clothes creating gorgeous dresses that any parent would love to get for their beloved babies. Designer clothes are known for their perfection and the well-cut clothes let your baby stay comfortable and relaxed.

Faced with too many choices of fabulous clothes, it can be difficult to set aside any option. Every piece of designer wear may seem exactly cut for your child. But you should not forget that babies grow very fast and there are only so many clothes that they can wear before they get past each stage. While you can enjoy going through all the options available, it is best not to stock up on too many pieces of the same style of clothing. There simply will not be enough chances to make use of them to do justice to the shopping. Buying a few choice items is the way to go when your child is visibly growing up every week.

Make sure you buy clothes that are right for the season. Remember buying ahead may not be a great idea unless you are buying larger sizes. Do not buy winter clothes that fit your baby perfectly when the sun is shining brightly and he or she needs an airy dress. Leave the hoodies and cardigans for the winter. You will be using these only for one season, so when you buy do not buy more than one or two of each. Unless you plan to hand it down to a younger child, you are not going to make use of these clothes for more than a few weeks.

Always consider the interests of your baby. It might seem like babies are not quite individuals to be opinionated. But anybody with experience in childcare can tell you that they can be very stubborn when it comes to choices of clothes. You may choose a high quality, stylish dress in which you are sure your baby will look his or her best. But there is no way that you are going to see him or her wearing it unless it is of the colour, pattern and design that the baby prefers. It is often too early for babies to develop gender specific interests. So do not deprive your boy of flowery patterns or your girl of Manchester United prints if these seem to attract them. If you buy clothes that capture the attention of your babies, it can also be easier to look after them as they will spend a lot of time watching, enjoying, and of course, trying to eat, the patterns.

While you may not want to scrimp when it comes to spending on your lovely child, try to spend intelligently. Maybe you can leave the highly expensive clothes for photo sessions and occasions when people outside the family may be seeing the child and get something less expensive for night times and your personal time with the child. But this does not mean that you should compromise on the comfort and health of your child. Since babies grow fast durability is not generally a criterion that you are looking for in high quality baby clothing. So it is always possible to buy clothes of good standards that are a little less expensive for private uses and you can always use that saved money for buying something extraordinary for a special occasion. If you shop wisely, you will not be left with a wardrobe full of untouched baby clothes when your child is ready for school.

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Find the Best Affordable Paper Carrier Bags Online

Are you looking for the best replacement of plastic carry bags? If yes, nothing can be a better option than disposable paper bags and gift wrapping papers. Buying recyclable paper bags in bulk is the best way for various purposes such as gift wrapping, packing items, carrying things and even using as a raw material for DIY projects. Whether you want to wrap the gift which has been purchased at the last minute or you want to organise a grand party at your home, you will require an ample amount of bags of paper. To find the best quality paper carrier bags, you need to first go through the online sellers of paper bags. You will surely find the best deal on recyclable bags of paper there.

Why choose paper bags?

Although, bags of paper have been seen as simple carrier bags for a long time in the past but they are the most successful career too. With the time and changing trends, the look and design of paper bags have been modified and added with some elegance. Now, they are being designed not only with durability but also with an impressive appearance. Many manufacturers pay attention even to design them in a more functional manner to satisfy their customers. If you belong to a group of environment conscious and eco-friendly people, you should start using bags of paper in place of the bags made up of non-recyclable materials.

How are they used?

Bags of paper are used in a variety of ways. Apart from being used as a carrier bag, they are used for wrapping purpose, for creating paper art and for storage. As these wholesale carrier bags are available in different size and shape, you can use them in a very creative manner for your DIY projects. Also, there is no lack of good prints and designs to choose from. So you can go with the idea of bulk shopping of 95% post-consumer recycled paper. Storing your items in paper bags and using them for decoration purpose is also not a bad idea. For gift wrapping purpose, you can take various colors of these papers and make different designed according to the occasion. In this way, it will add lots of charm in birthday parties, Christmas and valentine celebration. In this way, you can impress the person to whom you are offering the gift. These cheap paper bags will work far better than fancy and expensive gift wrapping papers.

Get customized paper bags

Bags of paper are good for the reason they come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. This makes them the best choice for gift packaging and storing accessories. The range of glossy laminated paper bags and beautiful Florentine Kraft bags is always available in the market as a better option. Even in the corporate world, the trend of providing gifts to employees and clients in paper bags is flourishing well day by day. If you don't find the kind of pattern and design you want in paper bags, you can request the bags of paper seller to manufacture custom designs as per your preference as many online sellers get it done for you. Corporate leaders also prefer customizing the paper bags and get their logo imprinted on the carrier bags. But always remember to use only good quality paper bags for this purpose so that they will be durable apart from being elegant.

Go for the best affordable price

If you are planning to buy bags of paper in bulk, you should find out the best affordable price for the same. Surely, you will find some online sellers who offer lucrative sales on paper bags time to time. Especially, At the time of Christmas, Easter, Halloween and new year, you can have the advantage of going through lucrative deals of carrier bag sellers. A little research in this direction will bring the best combination of quality and price for you. Comparing the price and seasonal offers should be done also before investing on bulk carrier bags purchasing. You can also talk to the customer care staff for information before going further. Timely delivery of the lot and assurance of safe packaging during the time of delivery is also important.

Paper Carrier Bags have become very important and easy option for the users. Along with these wholesale carrier bags are also in much use nowadays. Just go online and Google them, you will get many available offers also in these bags.

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Tips to Choosing Baby Night Lights

There are a number of different options available and finding the right light is essential to your lifestyle. You can choose the plug in light which you can keep in one place in the room to give a gentle glow. When baby wakes, you can change and feed them without having to put on a brighter light, therefore reducing your risk of falling over something, eliminating the risk of waking the entire family and making it easier for baby to go back to sleep once feeding and changing is over.

The other option is the battery operated portable lights, which are great if you tend to spend time away from home on a regular basis. You can pack the baby night light and take it anywhere, switching it on in a room where you put baby down to sleep and help you have a good time knowing baby will sleep well.

The things you are going to want to take into consideration when buying a baby night light is where your power outlets are in the room. If the outlet is far from the crib, then you may want to consider a portable battery operated option. Always focus on this to ensure that once the light is on you can see in the room with ease, working at the changing table while ensuring baby gets that gentle light that they need.

Look at the different colour options. Some will come in a choice of colours, remember that blues and greens are relaxing colours, so if you do choose a coloured option, try and choose a colour which will be soothing. White is often the best, it glows gently and is a neutral colour which can be used for boys and girls.

See if the baby night lights you are looking at have a timer. Though ideally you may want to leave it on all night. If you are buying for your toddler who struggles to sleep, maybe they are afraid of the dark, then choose one where you can have the timer turn off after a few hours, once you know that they are sleeping soundly and will sleep through until the morning.

Always take a close look at the globe and ensure that they are globes you can readily purchase at any home store. There is nothing worse than buying a light and the bulbs are hard to source. Ensure you take note of this, check with your local home depot store and then make your selection accordingly.

The brightness is exceptionally important when buying baby night lights. You don't want it too bright, this will just be disturbing, but at the same time you want to know that it will be bright enough for you to check on baby with ease and confidence without having to put any other lights on in the room which could wake the baby and leave you up for hours.

Are there any additional features that come with the baby night light. Some will play gentle music, but most simply have a very gentle white noise, which is actually soothing and helps baby sleep for longer, a major benefit for any new parent.

Babymoov is a French based company specialising in baby products. This well-established company has over eighteen years experience with baby related products offering customers throughout the world with innovative products that they can rely on and trust. The company is dedicated to helping parents make their lives a little easier with an extensive range of high quality products at affordable prices. Babymoov offers the convenience of safe and easy online ordering with the added benefit of to the door delivery. They offer a free call service and lifetime warranty as part of their first class service and support. To browse our latest collection of baby night lights visit: https://www.babymoov.co.uk/our-selection/59-project-light-3661276142787.html

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John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette Spray Reviews I. Introduction

If you are a perfume enthusiast you must be aware that John Varvatos is the name that means something truly characteristic so far as perfumes are concerned. This John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette Spray review goes beyond just praising his elegant and unconventional fashion style, his bottles and his fragrances. That said, I like all of these. But this review delves into the uniqueness of this product.

You may be surprised by this, but studies say that we remember events and people mainly through scents. Whether you want to impress your boss or attract a potential partner, a great fragrance like this one is the way to go. It will make you a memorable man to all those to happen to come across you.

II. Specifications

This limited edition fragrance for men is of high quality, and quite contemporary. Commercial, but with that fleeting sense of utmost specialness. Artisan Blu perfectly reflects the play on materials and shades that we have come to love about John Varvatos. It provides contrast with masculine marine fragrance that is so sophisticated, comfortable and wearable.

III. Features

The main ingredients are Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Geraniol, Farnesol, Eugenol, Coumarin, Citronellol, Citral, Benzyl Salicylate, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Limonene, Parfum/Fragrance, Water/Aqua/Eau, and Alcohol, Denat. Please refer to the product pack for an updated and complete list of all ingredients.

As the official announcement of John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette goes, the top notes are chayote (edible fruit from the family of cucumbers and melons), bitter orange, basil, lavender, and bergamot. The heart features clary sage, orange blossom absolute, iris, palmarosa, and geranium, while the base combines tamarisk wood, resin from pistachio, pine, patchouli, and cedar. It was characterized as aromatic-citrusy.

IV. Product Benefits

The citrus aromatic fragrance of this perfume exudes a refreshing and classy personality. It's like having your own identity in a world full of clones. You feel attractive with this fragrance around you, so you transform into an attractive person who has no competition.

Every fragrance is different so you need to be careful when you make your selection of fragrance based on your need of the hour. Are you going on a date? Are you going to work? John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette with its subtle woody undertones would be perfect for both. No matter where you go, you smell different and you smell good. SO splash it on and go out to conquer the world. The fragrance will work well no matter where and when you wear it.

V. Best Benefit

John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette brings to mind the vibrant crystal-blue, color-saturated summer sea in the warm Mediterranean. It's a special feeling that you have to experience to know.

VI. Who Needs It Most?

If you are a man who wants to look, feel and be attractive and fresh all the time then this is perfect for you. Do you like fresh and crisp fragrances? Then this is perfect for you. A citrus undertone creates an aura of energy and youthfulness, and brings to mind a breezy vacation on the sunny sands. When a man smells good, he knows it and that confidence carries over into all aspects of his life.

VII. Positive Sides of the Product

Imagine the lively oranges and yellows of Florida's citrus groves, combined with the blue waters of the cool Mediterranean in springtime, and you have the essence of the new John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette fragrance. Notes of bitter orange, basil and lavender create a crisp clean palette.

VIII. Negative Sides of the Product

There are no negative sides to this sensuous fragrance, well, maybe other than you will forever be followed by women wherever you go. Because, as we all know, nothing appeals to a woman like a man who smells good.

IX. Summary of Amazon Customer Reviews

One user says it sounds nice and maybe he would buy it. The blue color made him think of a water related nightmare but the ingredients sound pretty good for summer. He would not seek it out but he would wear it as a breezy and generally easy scent. Another user says the blue put him off initially, but the thought of the lavender note reassured him. The fancy bottle and the blue color made him think of old houses in the northeast that have their windows lining up colored bottles and that brought history and antiques to his mind. Yet another user says he would recommend this product. It is, according to him,

X. How to Use it Properly?

John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette is designed to last about three hours. However, you should never reapply the moment you stop noticing the smell, as that may happen with smells that have been around us for a few hours but are still noticeable to others who come across us. That said, it is perfectly all right to reapply once during the day and once during the evening.

This is a high quality perfume so you can use it whenever you want - as much or as little as you want - and keep it for up to five years. Please put it in a suitable place, for example, avoid storing it under direct sunlight. You can actually lengthen the life of your perfume by storing it properly and with care, so store it not on your dressing table, but in a dark, dry place.

XI. Final Words/Verdict

John Varvatos Artisan Man Eau De Toilette is the perfect fragrance for you to buy if you want a summer smell that will fly your heart and mind to the breezy Mediterraneans at a moment's notice, not to mention getting you noticed by all the beautiful ladies.

Again, if you are a woman reading this, wondering what fragrance to buy for the man in your life, go for the versatile Artisan Blu with your eyes closed. He is going to love it for the way it makes him feel fresh and manly.

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