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A Guide To Renting or Buying Equipment For Parties

Everyone does party these days and it has become kind of a mandatory thing at every moment of happiness. With rising trend of parties on occasions like birthdays, post-graduation, weddings, getting a new job or birth of new born the scope of party rental business has also enhanced. Before organizing any event, you must know the do’s and don’ts. According to the party, number of guests and the theme, the requirements of every customer varies. Most of the times the host gets confused about what size of tent is required. If you are hiring organizers for setting up your party then it will be their job to select the right size of the tent but if you are doing it yourself and you are not sure about what size tent you need then it can be a challenge for you. For your ease the tent size calculators are now available on internet. The calculator asks questions like number of guests, type of seating arrangement of your preference, if it is a buffet or not, if you want to have a stage or dance floor, any bar or not etc. in regard to the information you provide the calculator tells you the right size of tent to make your event perfect. There are few important things that the organizer needs to keep in mind such as the surface over which he desires to set up the tent, availability of enough space, time of day etc.

If you really want to have a busting party you must take everything we are discussing here very seriously and be meticulous in the quality of your party.

The next important thing most of the people want to know is about heating and cooling the tent. Because everyone tries to make their event look perfect but all the decors won’t do much if the guests or not comfortable due to immense sweating or shivering. This again depends on the type of the event, gathering size and time of the day. In hot summer day, with a gathering of few dozens, spot coolers with 1-5 tons capacity will do the job well. In large gatherings, however, large mobile air conditioning units will serve you best due to their much higher capacity. To run a cooling unit on standard residential power, the evaporative coolers are the best. They are cheap and convenient. During winter months, one can use portable heaters or electric heaters. To make your tent comfortable you can also have fans to circulate the warm air. During night time, open air fire place will do good and will give a cozy and comfortable environment. Renting the proper heating/cooling supplies will make or break your party as temperature control is one of the most important things at any event.

The cooling or heating equipment must be kept outside the tent and use cable ramps to hide the cables and prevent any trips. Now you are good to party hard!!