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Tips to Choosing Baby Night Lights

There are a number of different options available and finding the right light is essential to your lifestyle. You can choose the plug in light which you can keep in one place in the room to give a gentle glow. When baby wakes, you can change and feed them without having to put on a brighter light, therefore reducing your risk of falling over something, eliminating the risk of waking the entire family and making it easier for baby to go back to sleep once feeding and changing is over.

The other option is the battery operated portable lights, which are great if you tend to spend time away from home on a regular basis. You can pack the baby night light and take it anywhere, switching it on in a room where you put baby down to sleep and help you have a good time knowing baby will sleep well.

The things you are going to want to take into consideration when buying a baby night light is where your power outlets are in the room. If the outlet is far from the crib, then you may want to consider a portable battery operated option. Always focus on this to ensure that once the light is on you can see in the room with ease, working at the changing table while ensuring baby gets that gentle light that they need.

Look at the different colour options. Some will come in a choice of colours, remember that blues and greens are relaxing colours, so if you do choose a coloured option, try and choose a colour which will be soothing. White is often the best, it glows gently and is a neutral colour which can be used for boys and girls.

See if the baby night lights you are looking at have a timer. Though ideally you may want to leave it on all night. If you are buying for your toddler who struggles to sleep, maybe they are afraid of the dark, then choose one where you can have the timer turn off after a few hours, once you know that they are sleeping soundly and will sleep through until the morning.

Always take a close look at the globe and ensure that they are globes you can readily purchase at any home store. There is nothing worse than buying a light and the bulbs are hard to source. Ensure you take note of this, check with your local home depot store and then make your selection accordingly.

The brightness is exceptionally important when buying baby night lights. You don't want it too bright, this will just be disturbing, but at the same time you want to know that it will be bright enough for you to check on baby with ease and confidence without having to put any other lights on in the room which could wake the baby and leave you up for hours.

Are there any additional features that come with the baby night light. Some will play gentle music, but most simply have a very gentle white noise, which is actually soothing and helps baby sleep for longer, a major benefit for any new parent.

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